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The Spice of Surprise!

The Spice of Surprise!

A mysterious delivery has landed at the end of your driveway! A massive box with cryptic green writing sits there, making you scratch your head.

“Did I accidentally hit the jackpot in surprises?”
“Did I forget that I ordered something?”
“Could it be... a present someone sent me?"

With a mix of curiosity and excitement, you dash for your coat and slip on your shoes. Everything you were doing will wait-there’s a surprising puzzle to solve! Your heart is racing and your grin growing wider. What treasure awaits inside this box? Time to put on your detective cap and solve the mystery! 

Surprise, though a fleeting feeling, is one of the six basic human emotions and capable of boosting our natural highs and spicing up our journey to a richer, happier life! When surprised, we’re working on the dopamine system in our brains. A neuro alert is triggered and seems to tell our entire body, “Hey! Don’t miss this! Something unexpected is happening!” We pay more attention, all of our senses are heightened and studies have shown our emotions intensify up to 400 percent! If the surprise is a good one? We end the experience with richer, deeper feelings of happiness and joy than we would have if the moment had not been a surprise. According to Tania Luna and Leeann Renninger, authors of Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected, “By embracing and engineering surprise you can make our whole world richer.” “You can inspire wonder, connection, vulnerability, growth, and creativity.”

Maybe hidden inside that box is the fabulous coat of your dreams! Had you ordered it yourself, and knew it was coming, you wouldn’t be nearly as excited. It's all about that surprise factor; transforming an everyday package you expected into a cherished moment that'll sparkle in your memory forever!

Feeling like you could use a bit of excitement in your life? Ready for a pick-me-up from those mundane days? Great news! You have the power to plan your own plot twists and enjoy the healthy dose of fun that comes with the unexpected! Here are 3 fun ways you can add the spice of surprise to your life:

  •   How about stepping out of your cozy bubble for a change? Try a little karaoke, crash a ladies' night where you don’t know anyone yet or hit the road with no GPS - let spontaneity be your guide!
  •   Hide a note, money, or even an object that evokes fond memories. Better yet, ask someone else to hide some of them for you! In pockets, shoes, or maybe even inside a mystery package! You’ll enjoy the anticipation of never knowing when and where you’ll find them and the thrill of surprise when you do!
  •   Treat yourself to a surprise gift! Our Surprise Flexis are a fan favorite for a reason - you'll unwrap a mystery of color, design, and style. The excitement builds as you eagerly await your secret hair treasure! When your package arrives, everything you were doing will wait- as you uncover the thrilling surprise inside - which Flexi Clip did fate send your way?