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Customers can recover their purchase price for unused, unwanted items within 30 days of purchase. For exchanges within 90 days, Lilla Rose will pay for shipping through our RMA program. Customers can exchange undamaged but defective items beyond 90 days but within 1 year at their own shipping expense. In all cases, a copy of your original receipt is required.

To process an Exchange, complete the Return & Exchange Form on the back of your shipping invoice within 90 days or reach out to our support team at

For more info, see our complete Return & Exchange policy

To process a Return and receive a refund, you may use the back of your shipping invoice within 30 days of receipt or reach out to our support team at to complete the Return Authorization Form. Upon approval, customers are responsible for sending the item back to our warehouse for processing. Once received, a refund minus any applicable fees (shipping cost when using return label) will be processed.

  1. Please note: returns or exchanges that are received without the proper paperwork completed may not be honored.
  2. Some promotional items, limited edition items, and gifts with purchase may not qualify for standard returns and exchanges.
  3. Shipping, shipping insurance, international duties and taxes, and carbon offsetting are not refundable.

If your item is damaged or broken upon receipt, we will request photo documentation prior to sending out a replacement item.

Sometimes packages are mis-delivered, an unsuccessful attempt was made, and the package was brought back to the facility, or the carrier simply did not make it to your delivery address in time but already marked it as delivered. We recommend giving it a couple days and reaching out to your neighbors and personal Postal worker in the meantime. Note that once a package has shipped, Lilla Rose is no longer able to operate on behalf of the customer and any issues with delivery or tracking should be addressed with the shipping carrier directly.

Lilla Rose reserves the right to adjust all terms and conditions at its sole discretion and without warning or explanation.

Product information

Be aware that Flexi Clips are not nickel-free. They are plated first with a copper base, then nickel.The nickel is what gives the item its silver appearance and shine.Other plating finishes used are antique gold, rose gold, brass, copper, and black nickel

Flexi Clips and Flexi Flips are reinforced with high-carbon steel drawn music wire. As with any other piece of fine jewelry, you should treat your Flexi Clips to an occasional gentle cleaning by wiping with a damp microfiber cloth and air drying completely.

Most Flexi Clip sliding pins have a varying amount of“antiquing” to their finish.You can adjust the level of this antique finish by gently wiping your Flexi with a cotton ball dabbed in acetone or non-acetone finger nail polish remover.Do not wipe colored beads with acetone as their coloring may be sensitive to the cleaner and cause discoloring.

Most of our Flexi Clips are finished with a simulated rhodium, which gives each item its silver appearance and shine, but are first plated with a copper base, then nickel.Other plating finishes used are rose gold, copper, and black nickel.

All plated products eventually turn. The reason our clips are such a great value is we plate them to keep the cost down. Our legions of fans recognize this and have found that the "turned" versions actually have an antique look to them that makes the Flexi Clip look vintage.

The antique nickel version will keep its finish much longer so if you are concerned about the "turn", you might want to consider that finish.

Flexi Clips from 2017 to present have sizing indicated on the 'ball' end of the pin.Flexi Clips from 2008 -2017 have a letter marking on the tip of the sliding pin to denote the size. Each letter is matched with it’s indicated clip size (e.g. XS is ExtraSmall, S is Small, etc.)

If you want more information on Lilla Rose products use on the following methods:

  • Submit a question to Lilla Rose or your Personal Stylist here
  • Email Lilla Rose via
  • Call Lilla Rose at (888) 519-8889


Lilla Rose has always operated successfully selling at in-person events. This is how John Dorsey originally sold the Flexi Clip and it was the sustainable business foundation for the company for many years. A Lilla Rose Flexi Rep may purchase Lilla Rose products at a deep discount (up to 60% off),  in order to resell to customers. In addition, we have the Affiliate program for online marketing that will provide additional income opportunities. Together, these new programs will offer you and your customers an elevated online shopping experience, higher wholesale profit margins, no requirements to ask others to join Lilla Rose and continued excellent customer service.

In addition, Lilla Rose HQ team offers support with the following:

  • A tried and true brand within the hair accessories space, exclusively selling the Flexi Sport, Flexi Clip, Flexi Flip hair clips not found on Amazon, big department stores or other large marketplaces. You have an opportunity to share products no other outlet offers!
  • Tools to be successful to launch and grow your business, including a discounted show display.
  • Brand guidelines & tools to implement via marketing channels you control
  • We will continue to handle your Flexi Rep and Affiliate Customer orders’ sales tax collection, which frees you up to continue to grow your sales and Customer base. 

Please note Flexi Representatives operate as independent business owners and are responsible for generating all local sales leads and customer sales events. As a Representative you practice ethical behavior, and are always professional and kind.

Flexi Reps qualify for wholesale discounts up to 60% off retail value.

Learn more about the Lilla Rose Flexi Rep program here

Affiliates share their affiliate link with customers and if the customer places a retail order, the Affiliate will receive a predetermined commission based on their monthly volume. If they have no monthly volume, no commissions would be generated for that month. Learn more about the Lilla Rose Affiliate Program here

Yes. Anyone may sign up as an Affiliate and share their Affiliate link to earn commissions on orders they receive. A flat commission rate of 15% will be given based on monthly retail sales.

Learn more about becoming a Lilla Rose Affiliate.

You will have an account in the Lilla Rose Affiliate program where you will log in to view your customers, orders, total sales, commissions and statistics.

Please contact our friendly customer service at with any questions you might have.


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