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7 Tips to Care for Your Curly Hair at Home

7 Tips to Care for Your Curly Hair at Home

Are you overwhelmed by the endless list of products to keep your curly girl hair healthy, happy and hydrated?  Conditioners, creams, shampoos, gels, oils, rinses, oh my! It's a curly hair care jungle out there.

Finding the perfect curly care routine can be like a wild experiment. You might need to test out several products to hit your style sweet spot. But guess what? We have solutions that are easy-peasy, proven effective, and can tackle those curly hair dilemmas pronto!

Don’t worry, we’ll spill the tea on how to effortlessly rock those fabulous curls.
First, how many of these curly hair challenges are you familiar with?

Common Curly Hair Challenges

  • Hair Knots - Waking up to a bird’s nest of tangles is no treat. Curly hair can become a knotty mess and brushing it in the morning or after showering can become a tug of tresses war.

  • Frizz - Curly girls suffer from the frizz way more than other textures of hair. Curly hair is naturally dry. The strands are spiral shaped and it’s harder for your natural scalp oils to slide down the hair and keep it hydrated. When the dry hair cuticle lifts, the result is frizzy hair.
  • Breakage - Everyday wear and tear while you try your best to care for your curls can lead to damage and breakage.


Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

With a few easy changes, you’ll say goodbye to hair knot nightmares, frightening frizz and boo hoo breakage!

1. Help for Hair Knots

It’s a breeze to brush your hair, in the morning, after showering, or anytime when you know a few curly hair tricks. First, start at the ends of hair. Brush through the bottom and work your way up. Next, be sure you are brushing with a Flexi Brush. This unique brush has a curved shape and flexible bristles and body designed to gently detangle hair while preventing damage.

2. Forget about Frizz

We can’t change the shape of your curly girl strands, but since we know that lack of retaining moisture is the #1 cause of frizz, let’s tackle that. The secret to taming frizz is all about locking in moisture. Wrap your hair in a gauze cotton or cozy bamboo towel post-shower to keep those strands happy. Leave it on just long enough to get out, start getting ready and apply your choice of hair product, or leave it on longer to allow a natural and quick drying time without using a damaging blow dryer.

3. Bye Bye Breakage

Say goodbye to painful plastic claws and other hair damaging accessories. Curly girls need to be gentle on their hair, while still rocking their favorite updos. Flexi sport hair clips and Flexi Clips (previously called Flexi 8 hair clips), are unique, no slip clips that don’t put any pressure on your hair. No pulling, tugging, damage or pain. The flexible design of these curly hair clips keeps your hair styled beautifully. They’re perfect for hair with a natural curl pattern: gently securing your style one time with no fussing throughout the day.

4. Sun Protection

Enjoy sunny days without hair damaging rays. Pop on a hat to prevent the sun’s rays from drying out your curls.

5. Hair Washing

All curly hair is not equal and some can get away with more frequent washing than others. But all curly girls share a common struggle: those precious natural oils have a tough time navigating the twists and turns, making your hair prone to dryness. Try washing your hair less than you currently do. Missing just one wash can work wonders in taming the dryness beast.

6. Use Hair Masque

Try using an intense hair masque treatment enriched with Shea Butter and Moroccan Argan Oil to add that extra moisture and restore your hair's health. It penetrates the cuticle deeply to rebuild strength, restore elasticity and hydrate dry or damaged hair and helps curly hair shine and bounce better than ever before.

7. Protect Your Hair at Night

Caring for your hair while you are sleeping? Is that even possible? You bet!
Dive into dreamland on a luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Your hair will thank you as the smooth texture of the pillowcase allows hair to glide over the surface without any friction. Rise and shine feeling fabulous (these pillowcases also work wonders for your skin and ensure a dreamy night's sleep), bidding farewell to frizz, tangles, and breakage, giving your curls the royal treatment they deserve!

Enjoy Your Curly Hair Like Never Before!

You’re on your way out of the lion’s curly mane jungle now. Give these easy hair hacks a try and enjoy the difference trying even just a few can make on your beautiful curls.