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Becoming a Lilla Rose Affiliate

Becoming a Lilla Rose Affiliate

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote a company’s products and receive a percentage of the sales as a result.  It is typically considered a key part of modern digital marketing.

While revenue-sharing is not a new marketing concept, modern affiliate marketing usually refers to online digital marketing in which affiliates link to a business's product or service online and receive a percentage of sales or web traffic.

What is required to sell as an Affiliate?

Affiliates can sign up for free, and their commissions are based on monthly personal sales volume.

How much do Lilla Rose Flexi Rep Affiliates make?

Affiliates can sign up for free, and their 15% commission rate will be given on monthly personal sales volume.

Lilla Rose offers one of the highest commission plans in the Affiliate industry to those who also register as a Flexi Rep Wholesaler and place their first order as a wholesaler. The following commission amounts are paid on the total monthly retail sales.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work with Lilla Rose? 

    1. The Lilla Rose Affiliate signs up, with no cost or obligation, on the Lilla Rose website. 
    2. The Affiliate creates a custom unique URL, which the Affiliate uses when sharing Lilla Rose products. 
    3. The links are unique to each individual Affiliate and the system easily tracks and credits the Affiliate who made the sale.

    Who can be an Affiliate with Lilla Rose and who else is involved in the business?

      • Anyone in good standing with Lilla Rose, who signs up and agrees to our policies and procedures and is accepted can be an Affiliate. 
      • A Lilla Rose Flexi Rep can be both a Flexi Rep and an Affiliate concurrently. 
      • The other parties involved in an Affiliate’s business include: the staff of Lilla Rose, any networks the Affiliate creates and builds, and customers shopping with the Affiliate’s link.

      How Do Lilla Rose Affiliates get paid?

        Lilla Rose Affiliates are paid for each retail order received through the affiliate link at a commission rate per total month sales. (See the Affiliate Commission Plan for details). 

        Can I choose my payment option?

        Yes. You may choose to receive your commissions via Paypal or direct deposit.

        Common ways Lilla Rose Affiliates work their business:

          • Affiliates can promote Lilla Rose products through content like social media posts, blogs, videos, and more. 
          • Affiliates can also share the products in person and distribute their unique URL using business cards and other marketing materials. 
          • Blogging can help Affiliates rank in search engine results and can drive traffic to the Affiliate unique URL. Some Affiliates create their own blogs and content, others seek out bloggers to partner with. 
          • Reviews, tutorials, how-tos, and other valuable content helps Affiliates promote the products and increase sales.
          • Influencer Marketing: partnering with popular Influencers can help Affiliates promote the products and increase sales. 
          • Email Marketing: the return for your investment through email marketing is high. Creating valuable content for your email list and sharing your Affiliate link can increase sales. Every few emails, you can also highlight the products in your emails.  

          What are the benefits of being an Affiliate with Lilla Rose?

            Being a successful Affiliate takes some time, commitment and comes with many benefits. 

            • Affiliates have low risk and low investment.
            • Affiliates have great flexibility to work where and when they desire. 
            • As an Affiliate, selling through your unique Lilla Rose URL, our customer service team handles the customer returns and any issues on your behalf. 
            • Passive income potential: as you create and share content to spread the word about Lilla Rose products, you can be receiving orders any time, day, or night, even while sleeping! 

            How to get started as a Lilla Rose Affiliate?

              1. Sign up as an Affiliate (free and easy!)
              2. Decide what niche group you want to market to/partner with.
              3. Create content and share it.
              4. Continue to grow your networks, traffic, audience, and customer lists.

              Quick tips to take your Lilla Rose Affiliate business to the next level. 

                • Learn how to use, demonstrate, and highlight the benefits of our products.
                • Build your customer testimonial list and share them often. 
                • Stay up to date with our product line and keep your Lilla Rose fans informed of new products and any specials. 
                • Be trustworthy and work your business in a way that shows you are likable, honest and someone they would like to get to know. 
                • Test and optimize the various ways you can share Lilla Rose. 
                • Continue to learn about being a successful Affiliate and try new approaches.
                • Be consistent and take your business seriously. 

                GETTING STARTED

                Your First Steps:

                  1. Check out the Affiliate training guide after signing into your Affiliate account.
                  2. Experiment with as many hair accessories and Essentials as you can by placing an order through your Affiliate link. Try them on yourself and others.
                  3. Go Live or create Reels with some of your favorites and share why you love them so much.
                  4. Share hair tips and tricks with your followers.
                  5. Add your URL and contact info. to all communications you send out and share on social media.
                  6. Fall in love with Lilla Rose! Wear and share them every day and be your own walking testimonial!