Gemstone Hairsticks

$7.00 each, sold individually

 Choose from a variety of gemstone hairsticks!



  • Dark Wood
  • HS-4404-L-1, 5" / 127mm
  • HS-4404-S-1, 4" / 101mm
  • Length does not include decoration
  • African Jade: Silvertone, African Jade
  • Autumn Jasper: Silvertone, Autumn Jasper
  • Blue Imperial Jasper: Silvertone, Blue Imperial Jasper
  • Denim Lapis: Silvertone, Denim Lapis
  • Leopard Jasper: Silvertone, Leopard Skin Jasper
  • Red Adventurine: Silvertone, Red Adventurine
  • Rose Quartz: Available in Rose Goldtone and Silvertone; Rose Quartz
  • Sediment Jasper: Silvertone, Sediment Jasper
  • Silver Hemalyke: Available in Black Silvertone and Silvertone; Hemalyke Pearlescent
  • Snowflake Jasper: Silvertone, Brown Snowflake Jasper