Gemstone Swerves

$19.00 each, sold individually

Large-sized U-Pin with a swerve combined with a variety of natural stone beads.



  • Natural stone varies in color, size, and shape
  • Size: Length 4" (102mm)
  • Hand beaded wire wrap
  • African Jade: Nickel, Autumn Jasper, African Jade
  • Amazonite: Nickel, Amazonite
  • Amethyst: Nickel, Amethyst
  • Denim Lapis: Nickel, Blue Denim Lapis
  • Flower Dumortierite: Nickel, Flower Dumort
  • Imperial Jasper: Nickel, Blue Imperial Jasper
  • Rose Quartz: Available in Nickel and Rose Goldtone; Rose Quartz
  • Sediment Jasper: Nickel, Sediment Jasper
  • Snowflake Jasper: Nickel, Brown Snowflake Jasper