Geranium Hydrosol #4362


Steam distilled organic geranium leaf and flower hydrosol creates a calming and refreshing aromatic water. 2oz glass bottle. Customer exchange/refund policy up to 30 days.


  • Mist on body or in the air to soothe the mind, which may support a healthy immune system
  • Spray Geranium Hydrosol on your hair to keep it shiny and vitalized
  • Spray on natural curly hair to smooth out frizz and refresh curls
  • Use as a no-heat hair setting spray when combined with other Lilla Rose haircessories
  • Use as a facial toner for all skin types, especially combination skin
  • Spray Geranium Hydrosol on your face for an energizing boost of hydration in the morning, or a relaxing mist before bed
  • Mist in the air to soothe PMS symptoms, or neck to cool hot flashes
  • Spray after a workout to cool and refresh
  • May also be used as hand sanitizer