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Become a Lilla Rose Flexi Rep

Become a Lilla Rose Flexi Rep

Who is a Lilla Rose Flexi Rep?

A person who completes the initial interview, is accepted, agrees to our policies and procedures and purchases their first wholesale order is a Flexi Rep. 

A Flexi Rep provides in-person experiential retail shopping to customers, delivers exceedingly personal service, working at in-person community shopping events (i.e. craft shows, festivals, holiday boutiques, etc).

How does a Lilla Rose Flexi Rep’s business work?

  • Placing wholesale orders for you to resell as a Flexi Rep is quick and easy. When you place your order, your generous wholesale discounts will be determined by the size of each order. 
  • A Flexi Rep displays, demos and sells products (at suggested retail value), at craft, vendor, pop up and other in person opportunities. Flexi Reps are invited to take control of their own markets to build a growing business in line with the Lilla Rose Brand. 
  • Flexi Rep profit is the difference between the wholesale cost they paid and retail price sold, is increased as determined by the size of each of their orders, and is immediate upon selling in person.

What resources and tools are available for Flexi Reps?

  • Flexi Reps are offered coaching and support from our home office team
  • A supportive community in the special Facebook Lilla Rose Flexi Rep group
  • Lilla Rose staff, event organizers, customers, and any networks the Flexi Rep creates and builds

How do Flexi Reps get paid?

  • Immediately upon making an in-person sale of any products they have on hand.
  • Flexi Reps are encouraged to build their business further by sharing their provided  Affiliate links. They can be paid monthly, a percentage of any orders placed by a customer, using their unique Lilla Rose Affiliate link. 

How much can Flexi Reps earn?

The more events worked, and the more products sold, the more earnings will increase. Add sharing an Affiliate link to the business to increase earnings with repeat, online, customer orders as an additional income stream.

Flexi Reps will order and receive their wholesale discounts based on the volume of each order placed as shown:

Lilla Rose Flexi Rep Wholesale Plan:

Retail Value

Discount (off retail price)

Wholesale Price



















*Discount only applies to product purchases and is subject to additional shipping and taxes. For information on Returns & Exchanges for products purchased wholesale, see our Product Policy

What is the advantage of sharing the provided Lilla Rose Affiliate link?

Flexi Reps earn additional commission (above and beyond your Flexi Rep in person sales commission), for every purchase customers make through your affiliate link. 

Where are common places for Flexi Reps to sell?

What are the benefits of being a Flexi Rep?

Being a successful Flexi Rep takes time and commitment and comes with many benefits.
  • Low risk and low investment compared to most start up businesses.
  • Great flexibility to work where and when they desire.
  • Develop customer service skills by servicing customers with pride.
    New Flexi Reps receive a welcome gift of marketing supplies, display materials and a copy of Success Unwrapped, A-Z Event Guide.
  • Our customer service and shipping teams pick, pack and ship your customer’s online orders, and handle customer service inquiries, and returns.
  • Passive income potential: as your customer list grows, you could receive orders any time, day or night, even while sleeping!
    The opportunity to offer unique, problem solving, high quality products not found in major stores. 

How to get started with a Lilla Rose Flexi Rep business?

  • Complete your interview, be accepted and place your initial start up order.
  • Practice with and wear our accessories. Learn how to demo simple styles on others. The demo is the key!
  • Find and book available events (only one Lilla Rose Rep allowed per event) craft, vendor events and pop ups.
  • Have fun displaying, demoing, and selling our unique, high quality Lilla Rose products.
    Place all future orders with your wholesale discount as detailed above. 

Placing Wholesale orders

Place your first order and stock up for pop ups, craft and vendor shows 

Flexi Reps order Lilla Rose products at wholesale prices. By applying and being accepted as a Flexi Rep, you have already completed the initial process required to access the wholesale portal on lillarose.com. 
  • Sign-in to your wholesale account on lillarose.com to place orders with your Flexi Rep discount.
  • Flexi Reps will be able to order and receive their wholesale discounts based on the volume of each order placed. See Wholesale Chart: