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5 Hacks to Help You Kick Back & Take the Pressure Off this Summer!

5 Hacks to Help You Kick Back & Take the Pressure Off this Summer!

When was the last time you blinked and your summer vanished into thin air? Summer can end up a whirlwind of work, putting out daily fires, getting lost in the social media maze and forgetting to savor the moments that truly matter. Don’t end this season saying,
“Where did the summer go?”

Wouldn’t you love to wrap up your summer with this line instead?
"That was the best summer I’ve had in years!"

Let’s unwrap 5 hacks to kick back, take the pressure off and make the most of your summer days!

  1. Unplug: Technology can be addictive and mind numbing. At best it passes time and distracts you. At worst, it sucks your attention away from family, friends, fun and new adventures. While you're glued to that small screen, life's big picture is passing you by. Instead of kicking back and relaxing, you're revving up your brain, fueling that instant gratification kick and forgetting to take it slow and savor each moment. Even if you must work during the summer months, set aside time to be in vacation mode. Ditch the screens for a bit every day after work, during hangouts with friends and family, and soak up the great outdoors screen-free as much as you can! Unplugging is a great way to clear your mind, take some instant pressure off and let those summer vibes flow at a leisurely pace.
  2. Unpack: There is a definite connection between the way we think and the way we feel. Is your mind running a mile a minute with to-do lists, things you are worried about and regrets? If so, it’s no wonder the summer days you long to cherish feel like they are quickly slipping through your fingers like sand! Even if you aren’t on a vacation, unpacking your suitcase, you can unpack those thoughts that keep weighing you down. Before you hit the hay and when you greet the day, set a timer and go on a scribble spree for just 5 minutes. Jot down all those pesky worries, to-dos, and jumbled thoughts swirling in your head. That’s it. Just 5 minutes. Then, fill your time and your mind in purposeful ways. Call a friend or family member and focus on what’s going on in their lives, put on music and dance, go for a walk and listen to a book you’ve been longing to read or a podcast that will fill you with inspiration. Let the summer unpacking begin
  3. Unwind: Struggling to turn it all off and turn on the summer fun? You might be holding on to your daily stressors and not letting yourself unwind. Give some of these ideas a whirl: soak in the tub, listen to quiet music, try some daily yoga, go for a walk, pamper yourself with a face or hair masque, get up just 10-15 minutes earlier and enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee before the world wakes up, get a pedicure, or take a nap outside listening to the sweet sounds of summer.
  4. Unlock: Experts say it takes about 30 days to create a new habit or rid yourself of a bad one. Summertime allows the perfect stretch of time for a reset. Have fun unlocking fresh, amazing habits, and unearth more happiness saying farewell to habits you hate. According to Brain World Magazine, “Research into brain health and longevity suggests that regular experience of novelty is essential to a long, happy life.” Embracing new adventures, picking up new hobbies, and shaking up your routine could be a secret recipe for a longer, happier life-not to mention a longer feeling, happier summer.
  5. Unclaw: “What? Unclaw? Is that even a word?” In Lilla Rose Land it sure is! Talk about pressure-and taking it off! If you really want to kick back, (literally-be able to lay back on your towel at the beach, in a hammock, on your porch chair or pool lounger), those uncomfortable, painful, hair damaging, pressure headache inducing, plastic claws have got to go! This is the easiest take the pressure off tip yet. Unclaw and replace it with a waterproof, slip proof, hair damage proof Flexi Sport. Tons of fun colors to jazz up your summer styles with none of the pressure!